Make your own digital cards and tickets

Move your customers' paper and plastic cards to Apple Wallet and SmartWallet with Apple international solution.

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ID pass

ID passes are used to prove the user identity, and IDs often have a thumbnail image of the user.

Like What?

Driver licenses and membership cards.


Punch pass

A customer rewards Punch pass is a great tool to increase customer loyalty by encouraging your customers to return to a business repeatedly. Punch pass can be free or prepaid.

Like What?

Prepaid 10 coffee cup Punch cards or 10 punches give you one free meal.


Member pass

Member passes are a great way to provide your customers with membership cards without a thumbnail image. You can add a strip image to customise your pass. The member passes are used to prove members identities.

Like What?

Membership cards.

Distribute Passes

Distribute your passes through existing channels

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Facebook ads

Acquire and discover new customers through a targeted distribution with Facebook Ads.

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Send a personalized email to your customers, including a pass link that allows them to install them directly to their smartphones.

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To speed up and increase installed passes, distribute them with SMS. This feature is coming up soon.

QR code Icon

Use QR-code

Display QR-code on the web or in printed media so your customers can download passes directly to their smartphones from anywhere.

Link Icon

Link to passes

Distribute your passes with a link, and your customers can download them directly to their smartphones.

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My pages

Deliver passes to your customers on your website through My pages.

Photo of Vésteinn
Vésteinn Viðarsson
Stafrænt Ísland
,,Við hjá Stafrænt Ísland gerðum samning við Smart Solutions um að gera með okkur stafrænt Ökuskírteini og gekk það ótrúlega vel og hratt fyrir sig. Við hvetjum alla til að taka þátt í að gera Ísland stafrænt.”
Photo of Marta
Marta Rut Pálsdóttir
Kaffihús Kaffitárs
,,Við veltum lengi fyrir okkur hvernig við gætum fundið rafræna lausn á klippikortunum okkar, svo við gætum gert þetta sem best og auðveldast fyrir viðskiptavinin. Með lausn Smart Solutions getum við umbunað viðskiptavinum okkar á einfaldan, ódýran og umhverfisvænan hátt með kortum í veskisappi. Smart Solutions eru frábær samstarfsaðili með lausnir sem henta.”
Photo of Hulda
Hulda Hjálmarsdóttir
Framkvæmdastjóri Krafts
„Nýverið tók Kraftur upp rafræn félagskort og lyfjakort í samstarfi við Smart Solutions. Við erum alveg einstaklega ánægð með samstarfið. Kerfið þeirra er auðvelt og þægilegt og þjónustan framúrskarandi. Áður þurftum við alltaf að gefa út útprentuð lyfjakort en lausnin frá SmartSolutions hefur nú tekið við. Mæli eindregið með SmartSolutions.“
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Apple Wallet and SmartWallet

Your customers can store the digital cards and tickets you make in Apple Wallet for iOS and SmartWallet for Android users.

Apple Wallet

International wallet app made by Apple. Very easy to use and is default installed on all iPhones, customers are most likely already familiar with it.

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Wallet app for Android developed by Smart Solutions where your customers can store their passes.

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Apple Wallet and SmartWallet phones


You pay a minimum monthly fee of ISK 0, which you use to create passes. When you have reach the minimum fee you pay per pass - as you go. We offer Multiple use and One-time use passes. You can issue both at the same time.

All prices without VAT.

What you'll get

Multiple use passes don’t require an expiration date and can be used as many times as you need. Example of Multiple use passes are Id, Punch, Member, Multi-ticket and Gift.

Choose the number of passes you like to issue.

Multiple use


Estimated price per issuing.

Start Now

You pay at the end of each month for all valid Multiple use passes.


Don't hesitate to contact our sales department if you want a customised plan, and we will be happy to help you!

Add on service

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NFC passes

NFC passes are more secure than standard passes and are verified with special NFC readers.

Barcode Icon

Dynamic barcodes

Dynamic barcodes are more secure than standard passes. The barcode is only valid for a period of time, so the pass needs to be refreshed before validation.

API Connection

API connection

You can connect to our system through our API for ISK 0 per month.

Template creation

Template creation

Do you need help? We create your pass template for ISK 23.900.

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Tools and apps


Here you can make pass templates, manage your user accounts and subscription. See statistics, distribute and see a list of your passes.

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Pass builder

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Pass list

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Pass distribution

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SmartPages website


You can use SmartScanner to verify, punch, reduce, subtract and redeem your customers passes.

SmartScanner app
SmartScanner app
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